I wanna go travelling with my Evoc stuff

I have been working together with Evoc since early 2011. That’s the year I got my first Evoc bike travel bag. Fast forward four years, and the same bag is still holding up perfectly. But, when Evoc recently released a new refined and lighter bike travel bag (Pro version), I had to try it.

Now all I wanna do is to go travelling with my Evoc stuff. Along with the new bike travel bag, I got a few other awesome pieces of quality gear. The new Rover Trolley, a Two Wheel Bag and some other stuff. It all adds up to a pretty big collection of bags, all of them still in perfect shape. None of them are torn apart or severely damaged. Just the usual wear you can expect from travelling by airplane and frequent use.

I haven’t unboxed the bike travel bag yet. Limited space in our flat, so I just need to sort that out first:


The Evoc Rover Trolley. 80 L volume and plenty of smart solutions:


This week started totally fantastic, but ended the worst way. At Tuesday I was riding in shorts, and both Monday and Wednesday we had some great natural trials session. But, when I woke up yesterday morning, it was 30 cm of snow outside. It has melted a lot already, unfortunately not enough for riding. So I had to reschedule my workouts, and go indoor. A bit bummed, as the riding is great at the moment. Hopefully it melts away over the weekend.

Pretty happy with this shot, as it was unintentional. Blurry and abstract, just as my mind is when I can’t go riding. Setting up the phone for some video analysis of my deadlift technique, accidentally hitting the shutter button. Haha:


Erik, the bikes and my Evoc backpack enjoying some natural riding before the snow:


The best trials park in Norway

Just got back from a day at Rippit Actionsport Center. Me and Joachim have been working on finishing the indoor, and we cleaned up the whole place. It’s starting to look quite good.

But, my main goal for the day, was to try the magnificent trials park we built last summer. Because we built it for the last competition of the season, I haven’t been riding there besides the races. And it’s so awesome, no doubt the best trials park in Norway.

The park currently consists of five different zone, one with railway sleepers, one with rocks, one with concrete pipes, one with logs and one with tires and cable spools. It’s still not finished, and we’re going to build even more with the sleepers, add more logs and tires.

August 2nd to 5th I’m hosting Fjordtrial at this exact place, and we’re also organizing two Norwegian cups there this season. Probably in August or September. So if you’re interested in trying out the place, save the dates (I know, the NC dates are missing. Stay tuned).

Shot a few photos on my new and awesome Samsung Note 4. Unfortunately I was mostly busy riding, so this is all I got.

Another day riding trials with a saddle. Today it was actually hindering me in a few sidehops, so I need to get it a bit lower.But, the bike is performing super good, I’m so satisfied:

Joachim completing a technical line:

Joachim making sure Petter doing it right:

Riding trials with a saddle

Today I rode pure, natural trials with a saddle. Last time I did that must have been more than 10 years ago (on my first trials bike). Rode an old school mini seat today, but I might change it for a pivotal saddle when I’m in the mood.

Even though the saddle and seat post weighs around 400 grams, it was no problem. It wasn’t even in the way for any technique I executed. If I manage to shed off some weight from the seat setup, I’m almost considering to ride a few races with it.

The spot I was riding today I haven’t been to in a looong time. I had forgotten how many tricky and technical lines you could find there. And there’s plenty of big stuff too, some of it I haven’t even done yet.

I’m continuing the testing of my new GT bike to find the perfect setup. The stem/handlebar is close to perfect after I removed a spacer below the stem. Tiny changes make a big difference. And I’m experiencing with tire pressure for my Vee Tires. Riding new and lighter tires demand different pressure to what I’m used too. They perform great with a higher pressure. Stable, yet quick and grippy.

Some might dislike the mini seat, but to me there is a lot of nostalgia to it. Here I put it as high as possible for my transportation to the spot.


Lots of rocks, 100% natural:



I’m going to do a lot of shows this year

Right now it looks like I’m going to do a lot of shows this year. I’ve already done a record early show in February, and on Saturday I have a new show with Rippit Actionsport Center at Kongsberg. And the show requests are dumping into my inbox. I have eight shows booked until the beginning of July, and I’m probably going to get more. Together with races and events, it’s going to be real hectic season. If you know anyone interested in having a trials how, get in touch.

One of many shows I performed last year. Here in Oslo:


The testing of my new GT Trials bike is going well. Starting to get used to the new bike, even though there’s a few tweaks I need to do with the setup. I’m really happy with the parts I’m running, and I’m fortunate to have such great product partners as TNN, GT and VEE. Yesterday I had a short natural test, and the grip of the tires are just insane. Today me and Erik went out for some street riding, and the bike performs well in that environment too.


Speaking of GT, I received my new trail bike today. A 2015 Force X Carbon Expert. 150 mm suspension and 27,5″ wheels. Fitted some new VEE tires on it, and can’t wait to try it later this week. Still haven’t finished bulding it up, so you might notice a few loose hoses and a flat front tire.


First ride on the new GT Bicycles Trials bike

Today was the day. The first ride on my new GT Bicycles trials bike. I’ve had the frames for quite some time now, but I wanted to collect all the best parts before building it up.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to wait long enough, and I ran into several mechanical issues before I could test it properly. But, after changing back to my vintage (pre 2005) Magura HS33 Race Line, everything worked out perfectly. Also, the stem (130 x 25) is not the final one, I just wanted to test a shorter one. The bike is way too short with a 130 mm stem, and I’m going to change to a 145/150 mm stem as soon as I receive it. That is also explaining why I’m running a uncut fork steerer. On top of all the pre-ride bike fixing, the angle grinder ran out of battery just before I was finished grinding my smooth rims. So if you notice a almost grounded front rim, it’s now explained.

The bike is a dream to ride, even though the short stem isn’t giving it justice. So I will do a bigger bike check once all parts are dialed.

Two other things I was testing today, was my new Vee tires and TNN parts. I picked up my Vee WAW edition tires yesterday, and they are EXTREMELY grippy. Really happy with them once I figured out the tire pressure. Still not completely sure how much pressure to run, so I need to test them more. Currently having two bars both front and rear.

The TNN parts I’m currently using are Blue CNC pads in front, Green CNC pads in rear, CNC brake clamps and front booster. I’m also using the TNN velcro straps to secure my rear brake hose. These are the parts I was running all last year, and one of the things I don’t want to change in my setup this year. Solid stuff!

Enjoy some photos Tone shot of me and Erik.

My tires are gripping properly:



The Vee Tire Co. Trax Am WAW Edition 26 x 2.50″. Best rear trials tire on the market:

The new GT Bicycles Trials bike:

And another angle. Nice, huh?

No risk no fun! Entering the no fall zone:

Erik moving forward:

There is a lot more to this picture than you realize at first sight:

The trials split training: Systematical variation

Split training programs are very popular among body builders. One day of back and biceps, one day of triceps and chest, etc. I don’t think trials riders are that familiar with the same concept, and you could potentially apply it to a vast amount of different areas. One day of static moves, one day of run-ups, one day of sections, etc. But, I think that would’ve killed a lot of the fun parts about the sport. Too much system in the most diverse sport of them all.

I have found a great “trials split” that really works. I’m lucky enough to do a sport that can be done practically anywhere. And that particular ‘anywhere’ I divide into three different areas: street, natural and trials park (indoor). The last three rides have been strict to this concept: street on Sunday, natural on Monday and trials park on Tuesday.

Each of the three different ‘splits’ provide a different style in trials. Where natural is mostly about finding the most efficient line over an obstacle, street riding is more about practicing different techniques and tricks. Trials park riding is often a mix between the two, depending on the selection of obstacles in the park.

So, now I just need my wrist to heal up, as it got really sore yesterday, and go out for some natural or street riding. Maybe I can try my new GT Trials bike (more on that later)?

This is the only trials park in Oslo. Big, huh?


A few seconds after a wee gap to front:

Just trying to keep balance: