Another show video

A few weeks ago, right after the worlds, me and Joachim were having some shows in Trondheim. We managed to capture some of the shows in a different angles, and here is the result. Hope you enjoy!

The season is now over for me, with just a few shows left. The last race didn’t go as planned. But, I’m resetting everything now, and starting to get psyched for a new season coming up in six months time.

WC Antwerp: The sections

It’s been a beautiful day here in Antwerp. I had a mellow morning before a short warm up ride. Bike was feeling amazing, and the form is good. Felt better than yesterday. Quite happy about the timing of my riding, normally I end up riding the evening before races, thus resulting in a not fully recovered body at race day.

The 1/4 finals tomorrow will be in the new group format. I ended up in the last group, D, which means I’m starting at 12:15. The perfect race time in my opinion. Psyched! But, the group has a few really strong riders, such as Andrei Burton, Iciar van den Bergh, Wesley Belaey and Dave Kerr. Moritz Mettenheimer also seems to be in top form judging from his perfomances at the warm up.

Only the three best riders qualify directly from each group, so that means I need to do a perfect ride. But, there will be quite a few lucky loosers, at least three, but probably four, because Gilles Coustellier is not riding. In other words, it’s going to be a tough day to qualify. I’ll do my best and hopefully that’s enough. Hard races with lots of strong riders are only a positive thing for our sport, I can’t complain!

There will be five sections, all located in a concentrated area at Grote Markt. Two rock sections, two log sections and one concrete/wood section (obstacles made to mimic french fries last year). As long as the conditions stay dry, it’s not any major difficulties. There is definitely possible to zero all of them, and probably a necessity to qualify. All of them are in a typical Belgian/Ronny Belaey style, long and technical. Perfect for a quarter final in my opinion.

This section probably has higher emissions values than the test results (pun):

Grippy logs (if it’s dry):

Same log section as above. Quite easy section, but let’s see what tomorrow brings:

Rock section number one:

Rock section number one. I think this one is quite doable:

Log section number two. These logs are slippery even when dry. A bit harder than the other log section:

The other rock section. Lots of gates, long section. But definitely doable:

Scott isn’t sure about what he thinks. It looks okey, Scott?

The start list:

Arrived in Antwerp

For the third year in a row I’m participating in the world cup in Antwerp. My first world cup ever was in Aalter, Belgium in 2012, so this country is a bit special to me.

Did a 100% public transport travel all the way from my flat in Oslo to the hotel in Antwerp. Worked out surprisingly well, though the last train was quite a bit delayed.

After repairing and building the bikes in the hotel room, and digesting two pizzas in the bed, I had 30 mins on the bike at the warm up. Also got to check out the sections, which are looking really good. Classical long, technical Belgian sections. Hopefully the rain leaves us alone, because yesterday the logs were so slippery you could barely walk on them.

I’ll try to make a section update later today, as it was too dark for photos when I walked them yesterday.

Pre-travel picture of my travel companions:


Waiting for the delayed train at Brussels airport:evoc_bike_travel_bag_pro_brussels_train

While waiting for the rain to stop before riding yesterday, I organized my stuff neatly. I have done quite a few of these pictures throughout the years, but never published any of them (backpack: Evoc Roamer):


And, oh, I forgot to post my latest show video:


New video: A natural Sunday

A couple of months ago I started to make a new natural trials video. The whole video was captured and edited on my Samsung Note 4 (except the intro and outro graphics). But, I totally forgot about the video, which I wanted to make a bit longer and better, and thus never managing to complete it (typical me). In the end, it became a short little flick, which I decided to publish instead deleting it. I’m kind of a perfectionist, and that’s why I haven’t been making any trials videos lately. Never am I satisfied with my own riding, I always want to make my next video better than my current level.

The object for me was to show the natural and technical aspect of trials riding. How every takeoff is different, how precise you need to be in the landings, but also explosive and with the correct technique. I’m not finished with this spot, and there are so many lines I’ve completed, but never captured on camera. I have a new project in mind, which I hope to complete in October/November, when the race season is over.

Until then, enjoy this one:

Race report from the world cup in Albertville

Almost a week since I rode the third leg of the UCI Trials World Cup 2015. Finally found some time and motivation to write a race report from the weekend. If you want to read some in-depth stuff from the race, here you go!

The quarter final
I rode the quarter final on Saturday. Started at 16:10, in group C. I have limited experience with such a late start, and found it really hard to eat properly before. I managed to almost eat some pasta and an omelette for lunch. That was not the best idea, as the omelette wanted to get up several times during the race.

The quarter final is intense and hard, with 60 minutes to complete 2×5 sections. Combined with heat and high humidity, I almost got a heat stroke. But I managed to complete the competition with an okey result.

First lap I cleaned the first two section easily. A good start is important, and I was happy. Section 3 was probably the hardest one, and I was struggling. I got to the second last obstacle, and the crux, where I failed and got five. The last two sections was no problem, and I scored a total of 5 points on the first lap.

Second lap the heat started to get me. I cleaned the two first sections, and rode better in section 3. Unfortunately I failed at the same obstacle, and got five. Exiting the seciton, I was almost throwing up. I was struggling hard with the focus on section 4. Couldn’t do a easy sidehop to a beam because I jumped too high, and couldn’t hold it when I landed. This meant I used too much time, and got one time penalty, despite cleaning all obstacles. Fifth section had a tricky log we were riding down, and on the last lap I lost balance, and had to save it with a foot. 12 points in total, top three in group C and directly qualified for semi finals. Hurray!


Semi final
According to myself, I should qualify to the semi final at every world cup. Last year I got 4/5. This year I’m only riding three world cups (out of four in total), and so far I’ve qualified for those I attended. But, I’m still finding some of the obstacles hard with my current level, and I need to improve. On the other hand, I get a lot of penalty points at obstacles I can do with my current level. I just need to get the right focus before and during the race.

I got a lot of fives in the semi final, actually in 4/5 sections on both laps. The first lap I got through section 1 at 2 points. Section 2 and 3 I got fives. Just couldn’t get up the obstacles. Section 4 I got a five, but managed to get through it on 3 points on the second lap. Section five I got to the last obstacle on both laps on zero, but couldn’t do the last front hook. In total I got 45 points. That was the same score as two other riders, and after counting 0’s, 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, etc. I ended up in the middle of us, with a 19th place. Same position as in Austria, same score as France last year.

That’s it. Tomorrow I have shows at Birkebeinerrittet, world’s largest MTB race, then Norwegian cup at Saturday and Sunday, before I fly to Andorra on Monday for the worlds.


Credit pictures: Trial Inside/Frank Chastel

Show video from Kristiansand


I was born in Kristiansand, in the southern parts of Norway, and lived there my five first years at this planet. But, I have never done any shows there. So, it was about time!

Tone captured the first show, and I made a little video. Enjoy!

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