Riding in the rain, watch my Move

Suunto just released their Movescount app for Android. As I’m the proud user of a Samsung phone, I haven’t been able to show you alle the cool features available in my Ambit3 Peak watch before now. Finally I can add photos to my moves, making it a whole lot more interesting to view.

This feature is opening a whole new level to the trials experience. Imagine making a move from a race, where you take a photo at every section. Such a creative way to share the experience.

Today it was raining. I always try to avoid riding in the rain, because I forget how fun and challenging it is after each time. Now I got a new reminder, it’s really nice actually. Dragged Erik along, and we did a intense natural ride just outside Oslo.

Erik posing the best he can:

Slippery rocks and roots, no problem for my Vee Tires:

Riding in Hamar

At Friday Flipp arrived in Norway. And that means of course a lot of riding. Unfortunately I suffered from a minor back and ankle injury Saturday, which means I lost an all day street ride with him and Joachim.

Luckily the my ankle healed up very quickly, and yesterday we drove to Hamar; me, Erik, Joachim and Flipp. We met up with Sander and Ole (with a badly injured ankle), and rode street for hours. Really fun day, Hamar has such good spots for trials riding.

Ole rode a long on his GT Force trail bike due to his injury, and shot a few photos. Enjoy!

Sander on the rear wheel:

Am I able to do anything else than posing?

Flipp dropping down to the sketchyness:

Joachim riding the wall:
joa_wall Hamar

Me posing again:

Erik doing what he can best:

Flipp riding the wall:

…and some more Flipp action:

Completing new lines

The last couple of weeks have been busy. Or, at least I have been prioritizing other stuff than blogging. Most often I end up with shooting a few photos from a ride or something, and then forgetting about them. I guess I must get back in the flow.

I guess it’s not especially intelligent to blog about the weather. That’s just boring stuff. But, the last couple of days in Oslo have been above the normal. Like summer at its hottest. That did of course result in a whole lot of riding.

Yesterday me and Joachim had probably THE BEST trials ride since 1990. My favorite natural spot in Norway, the Death Man Cave (we learnt a new name for the place by a local yesterday), has a lot of lines. Most of them are established by me, some of them really hard. But, there was this one line I tried a couple of years ago together with TRA, and I couldn’t do it. Super bumpy uphill run-up, resulting in a uphill take-off to a big, scary rock. Really, really hard. I have thought about it as impossible, not tried it more than once since 2013. But, me and Joachim was filming, and I had to try it.

We had a intense battle, where we implicitly challenge each other, trying hard to be the first to complete the obstacle. Yesterday I was first, and the feeling was amazing. On top of this, we even established a new line I found a few weeks ago, and completed another super hard line I established a long time ago.

What I love about trials riding in a natural environment, is that it isn’t all about just power and technique. It’s about finding the right pedal stroke, hitting the right line between tiny rocks, landing on the right formation on a strange looking rock and so on. You can’t learn natural trials riding in a trials park or in the gym. Every single line is different, every spot is unique.





Back from the trials jam in Denmark

The trials jam in Viborg, Denmark was awesome. Lots of riders, the best indoor place available and good vibes. It was just a beautiful event, which I’m really happy I participated at. Hopefully this trials jam becomes a tradition, it’s something myself and probably all other participants want to do again. Thanks to Ole and Trialaction for organizing such a cool event!

We were five riders from Norway, and we checked in to the best hotel Viborg has to offer: the floor at Southern School’s gym. Real ghetto style, but at the same time very organic and real. I liked it! We arrived Thursday night and went back to Norway super early Sunday morning. We got four trials sessions and even two group yoga workouts. Didn’t expect the other Norwegians to join, but they did. Future yoga gurus all of them!

Denmark has a lot of up and coming riders, which really have the potential of becoming great riders. And of course they already have one great rider in Jonas B. Kristiansen. From Sweden there were several riders, fronted by big moves machine Joacim Nymann. From the UK, top riders Andrei Burton and Dave Kerr were present among others, and multi mega champion Abel Mustieles was of course the headliner. Always great learning to ride with such gifted  athletes even though I can’t quite keep up with some of their bigger moves.

Jesper Lykke shot some photos from the trials jam, which I put below. And, expect to see a video coming up anytime soon, me and Joachim filmed quite a lot.

Me prepping for a jump:


Joachim in action:

Where the trials jam happened, best indoor I’ve ever ridden:

Nymann with his game face:

Me jumping somewhere:

Lots of riders at the trials jam:

Even always smiles when riding, Vetle thinking about food I guess:

Right on time

Being a professional athlete, I focus a lot on the time. I have to make my own schedule every day, I log how many hours I practice, I do my intervals on time and so on. That’s why it’s great to work with Suunto, it makes it so much easier being right on time all the time.

I’ve been working together with Suunto for three years now, and yesterday I got some new pieces. Super psyched on the quality and functionality. I feel we progress together. Suunto launched their first Ambit watch in 2012, and I got mine in 2013. Seeing the improvements from Ambit2 to the Ambit3 Peak, which I received yesterday, is truly impressive.

I was also fortunate to get the new Essential Collection watch, which is stunning! Finally a watch I can wear when I’m trying to look classy!

Today me, Mads and Joachim went to Kongsberg and Rippit Actionsport Center. Still a bit of snow there, but the riding was great nonetheless. Really happy with how I’m progressing at the moment, I was a bit worried a few weeks ago.

The Ambit3 Peak telling me I should relax for 36 hours:


Suunto Essential Collection:


Mads focusing on riding the log:


The GT bike enjoying some sunshine:


Snow is gone, trials is on

The 30 cm of snow we received last week forced us to skip some riding. Fortunately it disappeared in no time, and wer’re now back to trials mode again. The joy of outdoor riding is just increasing, I have never had more fun riding natural trials. Maybe because we have one of the best spots here in Oslo?

Yesterday Mads Lexander arrived. He is staying here a few days before we go to Denmark for the trials jam in the weekend. Rode some street in the morning, and natural with Erik in the afternoon. Despite going to the gym yesterday, I was feeling great all day. Seems strange how recovery and form fluctuates with you having no idea how to influence it. The body is a mystery for sure. Lol!

Looking forward to show you guys the new watches I picked up at Suunto today. They are the tits! So happy to work with such an awesome brand. More on that tomorrow.

Some random shot from the last couple of rides you’ll find below. Follow me on Instagram for a daily dose of trials riding pictures.

Me and Erik walking our bikes:


Ugly gap in Skullerud when riding with Joachim:


Mads and Erik preparing for riding:


The mountain goats in the woods:


Here’s two short clips I published at Instagram from today’s street ride:

A video posted by Eirik Ulltang (@eiriktrials) on

A video posted by Eirik Ulltang (@eiriktrials) on