Preparing for the first shows in 2015

Today I’ve been fixing things. When I schedule non-training related stuff, they tend to happen all at the same day. Because I have two upcoming shows at Saturday (weather forecast says snow for both shows!), I wanted to check that all my show equipment is working. So I went to Peugeot where I could work inside. Some of you might remember some stupid kids tagged on my trailer last year. That was something I wanted to cover over, and also a few sponsor logos had to go off. All my 2015 deals are not yet signed, so I don’t want to redesign the trailer yet. But I had to come up with a temporarily solution.

Straight from Peugeot I went to Sykkelboden in Drøbak to face the bottom bracket and headset on my new GT trials frames. I really want to build up the frames soon, and I want to do it perfectly. Unfortunately we didn’t have the right tool, but we made it work okay. Facing the surface where you’re going to put the bearings will enhance their life drastically, and everything is just going to run smoother.

The GT bike build is coming along. Now I’ve set up the brakes, headset, forks and bottom bracket. Only need to order spokes, stem and handlebar, and it’s ready to go. So unfortunately I won’t be able to debut the bike at the upcoming shows, but it shouldn’t be long before the bike is built up.

Ghetto style wrapping:

Do you even notice the wrap area is there?

The rig:

This is how it looks inside my demo trailer. All thanks to Normeka:

Glossy plates I use to cover the sides of my demo modules:

The coolest car in Peugeot’s lineup at the moment: Peugeot RCZ R:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. Hopefully I can test drive this one day in the future. This beast is owned by MB Norway:mercedes_benz_mclaren_slr

Erik prepping my frame:erik_solbakken_gt_bicycles_sykkelboden

The tool was originally for another bottom bracket system, but we made it work:gt_trials_bottom_bracket_facing

Defining moments of mental toughness

I think it’s important to have a few reference points that are defining your mental toughness. Like a super hard interval workout (I recommend 16 x 4 mins), a three days solo hike in the mountains, 10 hours training days, etc.

At Saturday I had one of those moments. I returned from four hours of freestyle skiing, and 1,5h with public transport (which normally is 45 mins). It was Saturday afternoon, and I was a lot more keen on relaxing on the coach than go out and train.

None of my riding buddies were free, and I had to go solo. But, I managed to refocus, find some motivation and make a plan. Sometimes when you feel tired, you’re actually just mentally weak. When you can distinguish between actually being tired, and just being mentally week, you’re displaying mental toughness.

The indoor we have here in Oslo is just a big tent. No insulation, no heat and really humid. Also, the place made me sick for a long time, I was so over riding there. But, a few months back they reorganized everything, and I haven’t been there in over a year. So I figured I could check it out.

How they reorganized it totally exceeded my expectations. It was plenty of room between the obstacles, and the new feature they built was really fun to ride. I managed to stay focused for more than three hours, and rode one of my better sessions this year.

Because I was riding alone, I didn’t manage to shoot any action photos. What you don’t see below, is me riding the Limar 720° helmet for the first time. The helmet is perfect, I didn’t notice wearing it, it doesn’t show up in my field of vision and it fits very good. Just the helmet I’ve been looking for. Recommended!

This is a new feature, really well-made:

Tires, rocks ‘n’ concrete pipes (the trials version of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll).

Really like this feature, not often I ride sloping walls:

The vertical lower edge is about 110 cm, which is a perfect base for putting pallets onto:

New partnership: Limar helmets

I’m psyched to announce a new partnership with the Italian quality brand Limar helmets. Today I received my helmets; the 72o°888 and 848DR. The 720° helmets I’m going to use while riding trials, while the two others will be used while riding my mountain bike. I’ll be joining fellow trials riders Vittorio Brumotti and Paolo Patrizi on the team.

Limar is known for making exceptional light helmets, and both the 720° (320g) and 888 (285g) are a part of the Superlight range. Different to most other skate style helmets, the 720° has a adjustable fit system called Ultrafit+, which gives you the possibility to have a helmet that fits perfectly to your head. More comfortable and a lot safer.

I haven’t tried the helmets while riding, obviously because Oslo is covered with snow and ice at the moment. But, at Saturday I’ll try the 720° helmet. Looking forward to it. Just got back from a three hour double session at Atletisk Utvikling. Started off with a two hour leg workout, directly followed by a one of hour basic training. Tomorrow is rest day, going to check out the arena for some shows the next weekend. Better start practicing my snow trials riding skills asap!

Here you have a beautiful picture of me wearing the white 720° helmet. Is getting late, hence my crazy look:

The body can sometimes be hard to understand

Indoor riding can sometimes be quite boring. Dark, monotonous and with a limited space. My Saturday session was just like that. I was supposed to be fit for fight, and felt great when I woke up in the morning. But, everything was a bit of a struggle when I was riding. I didn’t find the flow, and the motivation was not a 100%. My body felt tired when it was not supposed to.

It’s then quite hard to understand what happened at Sunday. After the session on Saturday, I went straight for two hours of climbing, and woke up really sore and tired Sunday morning. I was extremely close to blow the whole session. But, I ended up going to the indoor together with Tone (which has taken all the photos).

During warm-up the body fell sore, but my legs felt quite fresh. And once I started riding, I just couldn’t stop. Riding at a limited indoor space alone for almost 3,5 hours is normally quite hard. Yesterday it was easy! I have no particular idea how that could be possible, but sometimes the body can be hard to understand!

Warming up:

Trying to make the run-up as smooth as possible. I didn’t succeed:

With a super loose run-up, my rear wheel lost traction at almost every front hook attempt. Then this happens:

When you loose traction time after time, some frustration builds up:

After several front hook attempts, the fork is examined for potential cracks and defects:

Pointing at the car company responsible for taking me from point to point (pun):

Riding a sloping concrete pipe:

Pedaling up:

Basic training with coach Dammyr

The more I practice basic movements and basic training, the more I understand the importance of it. Hips stability, pelvis control and active mobility sound really boring, but it can be done in fun ways.

Today me and coach Marius Dammyr did a basic training workout at Muskelklinikken Hasle. And it was fun. So far my basic workouts have been really creative and with no particular plan. Today was no exception, and I really like it like that. Doing it this way, I can come up with new exercises. Invention is fun!

The workout consisted of a short dynamic warm-up. We continued with some pelvis control and core strength exercises and finished off the session with some hip stability stuff.

The equipment you need for basic training:

Marius gives a thumbs up:

Coach D cleaning his office:

Group trials in January in Norway

Most of the time I’m riding alone. Or at least with maximum one or two other riders. Doing big group trials rides are quite rare here in Norway. When I was living in Barcelona, you could ride with at least 10 riders every single weekend. Often a lot more.

There are a lot more trials riders concentrated in and around Barcelona, than in Norway in total. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t get together and ride. Sometimes it’s only a matter of communication, and I’m way too often riding without telling anyone else. I think riding together both gives the current riders motivation to continue and makes it easier for new riders to get into the sport.

The past weekend, we had group rides both at Saturday and Sunday. Both days we were riding in the indoor in Hokksund at Eiker trial club. Six riders first day, and four riders second day is quite impressive for being Norway in January. And it’s room for big improvements. We were even riding

I had a really good time on the bike, especially at Saturday. Training a lot at the moment, but at Saturday my legs felt really fine and my form was top. My current training schedule is working perfectly, and I manage to approach every workout with intensity and motivation.

Bike update: the new GT trials bike build is a few steps closer to become finished. I received my forks at Saturday, and currently only missing spokes, tires, stems (and probably some more). The training bike are going to be completed first, so I can tweak out the part options before I decide the race build.