9 tips for a better workout

I find it hard to update the blog frequently, especially as I don’t want to just document every single workout I do. But, I realized I can use this platform for sharing some of my knowledge regarding training. It’s no secret I’m very interested in it, and I’ve been studying sports at both high school and The Norwegian School of Sports … Read More

The outdoor trials season is on. Or not?

One of the things I was hoping for to happen this winter, has happened. The outdoor trials season started early. It’s been a lot of snow in the mountains, but fairly warm in the lowlands. Though it still was quite cold in Oslo when I left Thursday, it’s much better here at the West coast. Yesterday I met up with Mads … Read More

Read full portrait in magazine online

Norway’s leading mountain bike magazine, Terrengsykkel, featured a portrait with me early last year. Now they’ve published it online, and you can read all of it here. If you’re not able to understand Norwegian, you could try the Google Translated version here. The interview and photos was taken while I was leaving in Barcelona last winter. It took place north east … Read More

Riding trials in the great outdoors

Finally it’s possible to join the great outdoors, and start riding under the sun. Still you got to pay attention to ice covered surfaces, but where the sun has been shining the most, the rocks are pretty dry. If you’re not riding trials, I guess it’s hard to understand the joy of this situation. But, after months in dusty indoor places, … Read More

Progression and smart training methods

I’ve come to a conclusion, which is very logical. When I only ride twice a week, the technical progression in my riding isn’t optimal. I knew that when I planned this winter training. But, it doesn’t mean I have no progression. I just have to be a bit smarter. This weekend I both progressed and got a bit smarter. At Saturday … Read More

New nutrition partner: Udo’s Choice and Soma Nordic

I have signed a new product partnership deal with the Norwegian distributor and producer of healthy foods and sports nutrition: Soma Nordic. They are also the Norwegian distributor of Udo’s Choice. Really happy with the signing, as they have a lot of products I’ve been wanting to use for a long time. Being a professional athlete I pay a lot … Read More