Preparing for the first shows in 2015

Today I’ve been fixing things. When I schedule non-training related stuff, they tend to happen all at the same day. Because I have two upcoming shows at Saturday (weather forecast says snow for both shows!), I wanted to check that all my show equipment is working. So I went to Peugeot where I could work inside. Some of you might … Read More

Defining moments of mental toughness

I think it’s important to have a few reference points that are defining your mental toughness. Like a super hard interval workout (I recommend 16 x 4 mins), a three days solo hike in the mountains, 10 hours training days, etc. At Saturday I had one of those moments. I returned from four hours of freestyle skiing, and 1,5h with … Read More

New partnership: Limar helmets

I’m psyched to announce a new partnership with the Italian quality brand Limar helmets. Today I received my helmets; the 72o°, 888 and 848DR. The 720° helmets I’m going to use while riding trials, while the two others will be used while riding my mountain bike. I’ll be joining fellow trials riders Vittorio Brumotti and Paolo Patrizi on the team. Limar is … Read More

The body can sometimes be hard to understand

Indoor riding can sometimes be quite boring. Dark, monotonous and with a limited space. My Saturday session was just like that. I was supposed to be fit for fight, and felt great when I woke up in the morning. But, everything was a bit of a struggle when I was riding. I didn’t find the flow, and the motivation was … Read More

Basic training with coach Dammyr

The more I practice basic movements and basic training, the more I understand the importance of it. Hips stability, pelvis control and active mobility sound really boring, but it can be done in fun ways. Today me and coach Marius Dammyr did a basic training workout at Muskelklinikken Hasle. And it was fun. So far my basic workouts have been … Read More

Group trials in January in Norway

Most of the time I’m riding alone. Or at least with maximum one or two other riders. Doing big group trials rides are quite rare here in Norway. When I was living in Barcelona, you could ride with at least 10 riders every single weekend. Often a lot more. There are a lot more trials riders concentrated in and around Barcelona, … Read More