New video: Indoor moves

I decided to make a new video, as my riding has been quite okay lately. Captured in two new and dedicated indoor trials arenas in the Oslo area. Pallets mostly, but that’s how we like it!

Another show video

A few weeks ago, right after the worlds, me and Joachim were having some shows in Trondheim. We managed to capture some of the shows in a different¬†angles, and here is the result. Hope you enjoy! The season is now over for me, with just a few shows left. The last race didn’t go as planned. But, I’m resetting everything … Read More

WC Antwerp: The sections

It’s been a beautiful day here in Antwerp. I had a mellow morning before a short warm up ride. Bike was feeling amazing, and the form is good. Felt better than yesterday. Quite happy about the timing of my riding, normally I end up riding the evening before races, thus resulting in a not fully recovered body at race day. … Read More

Arrived in Antwerp

For the third year in a row I’m participating in the world cup in Antwerp. My first world cup ever was in Aalter, Belgium in 2012, so this country is a bit special to me. Did a 100% public transport travel all the way from my flat in Oslo to the hotel in Antwerp. Worked out surprisingly well, though the … Read More

New video: A natural Sunday

A couple of months ago I started to make a new natural trials video. The whole video was captured and edited on my Samsung Note 4 (except the intro and outro graphics). But, I totally forgot about the video, which I wanted to make a bit longer and better, and thus never managing to complete it (typical me). In the … Read More

Race report from the world cup in Albertville

Almost a week since I rode the third leg of the UCI Trials World Cup 2015. Finally found some time and motivation to write a race report from the weekend. If you want to read some in-depth stuff from the race, here you go! The quarter final I rode the quarter final on Saturday. Started at 16:10, in group C. … Read More