9th at the European Championship

Chies d’ Alpago: Yesterday I participated in my fourth consecutive UEC European Championship. Every year I’ve managed to better my position with one place. But, the last four years, I personally feel my riding has progressed more than one position a year. So it was a great relief to get that confirmation yesterday, and thus getting my first international top … Read More

100% at every show

I’ve come to a new conclusion: riding a show is physical more demanding than riding a race. Let me explain: when I do I race, my main focus is to ride as calm and economical as possible. Each section (UCI style) consists of several man-made obstacles, often with a flat surface between them. You can have a break between every … Read More

New show promo video

Last time I made a show video was back in 2013. Saturday I brought out the camera again, and here’s the result. The whole video is captured with the Samsung Note 4, and has some of the best lines I managed to do during the last show of the day in Molde.

The beautiful city of Molde

Yesterday me and Erik drove up to Molde, located at the middle west of Norway. Surrounded by big mountains and fjords, this place is truly beautiful. Molde did also offer a lot of great street riding, and after 3 x 15+ mins of shows during 7 hours, we had one of the better rides in a long time. I even … Read More

Norwegian champion, again!

Finally back to normal, finally Norwegian Champion, again! The last weeks’ been so hectic organizing the Norwegian Championship and Norwegian Cup. Being the race manager, I had a lot of responsibility and work to do. On top of this, my main goal was to win both the races, especially the championship. Below you’ll find my race reports from both of … Read More

Riding in the rain, watch my Move

Suunto just released their Movescount app for Android. As I’m the proud user of a Samsung phone, I haven’t been able to show you alle the cool features available in my Ambit3 Peak watch before now. Finally I can add photos to my moves, making it a whole lot more interesting to view. This feature is opening a whole new … Read More