New video: A natural Sunday

A couple of months ago I started to make a new natural trials video. The whole video was captured and edited on my Samsung Note 4 (except the intro and outro graphics). But, I totally forgot about the video, which I wanted to make a bit longer and better, and thus never managing to complete it (typical me). In the … Read More

Race report from the world cup in Albertville

Almost a week since I rode the third leg of the UCI Trials World Cup 2015. Finally found some time and motivation to write a race report from the weekend. If you want to read some in-depth stuff from the race, here you go! The quarter final I rode the quarter final on Saturday. Started at 16:10, in group C. … Read More

Show video from Kristiansand


I was born in Kristiansand, in the southern parts of Norway, and lived there my five first years at this planet. But, I have never done any shows there. So, it was about time! Tone captured the first show, and I made a little video. Enjoy!

Lucky number 19

My first world cup of the season is in the books. I’m not super happy, even though I managed to get one of my best results ever. My best world cup result before this weekend was 19th, and I managed to do exactly the same in V√∂cklabruck (pronounced Fucklabruck). It’s just that I have more potential. Bad first laps I … Read More

9th at the European Championship

Chies d’ Alpago: Yesterday I participated in my fourth consecutive UEC European Championship. Every year I’ve managed to better my position with one place. But, the last four years, I personally feel my riding has progressed more than one position a year. So it was a great relief to get that confirmation yesterday, and thus getting my first international top … Read More

100% at every show

I’ve come to a new conclusion: riding a show is physical more demanding than riding a race. Let me explain: when I do I race, my main focus is to ride as calm and economical as possible. Each section (UCI style) consists of several man-made obstacles, often with a flat surface between them. You can have a break between every … Read More