I wanna go travelling with my Evoc stuff

I have been working together with Evoc since early 2011. That’s the year I got my first Evoc bike travel bag. Fast forward four years, and the same bag is still holding up perfectly. But, when Evoc recently released a new refined and lighter bike travel bag (Pro version), I had to try it. Now all I wanna do is to … Read More

The best trials park in Norway

Just got back from a day at Rippit Actionsport Center. Me and Joachim have been working on finishing the indoor, and we cleaned up the whole place. It’s starting to look quite good. But, my main goal for the day, was to try the magnificent trials park we built last summer. Because we built it for the last competition of the … Read More

Riding trials with a saddle

Today I rode pure, natural trials with a saddle. Last time I did that must have been more than 10 years ago (on my first trials bike). Rode an old school mini seat today, but I might change it for a pivotal saddle when I’m in the mood. Even though the saddle and seat post weighs around 400 grams, it … Read More

I’m going to do a lot of shows this year

Right now it looks like I’m going to do a lot of shows this year. I’ve already done a record early show in February, and on Saturday I have a new show with Rippit Actionsport Center at Kongsberg. And the show requests are dumping into my inbox. I have eight shows booked until the beginning of July, and I’m probably going … Read More

First ride on the new GT Bicycles Trials bike

Today was the day. The first ride on my new GT Bicycles trials bike. I’ve had the frames for quite some time now, but I wanted to collect all the best parts before building it up. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to wait long enough, and I ran into several mechanical issues before I could test it properly. But, after changing … Read More

The trials split training: Systematical variation

Split training programs are very popular among body builders. One day of back and biceps, one day of triceps and chest, etc. I don’t think trials riders are that familiar with the same concept, and you could potentially apply it to a vast amount of different areas. One day of static moves, one day of run-ups, one day of sections, … Read More