Riding in the rain, watch my Move

Suunto just released their Movescount app for Android. As I’m the proud user of a Samsung phone, I haven’t been able to show you alle the cool features available in my Ambit3 Peak watch before now. Finally I can add photos to my moves, making it a whole lot more interesting to view. This feature is opening a whole new … Read More

Riding in Hamar

At Friday Flipp arrived in Norway. And that means of course a lot of riding. Unfortunately I suffered from a minor back and ankle injury Saturday, which means I lost an all day street ride with him and Joachim. Luckily the my ankle healed up very quickly, and yesterday we drove to Hamar; me, Erik, Joachim and Flipp. We met … Read More

Completing new lines

The last couple of weeks have been busy. Or, at least I have been prioritizing other stuff than blogging. Most often I end up with shooting a few photos from a ride or something, and then forgetting about them. I guess I must get back in the flow. I guess it’s not especially intelligent to blog about the weather. That’s … Read More

Back from the trials jam in Denmark

The trials jam in Viborg, Denmark was awesome. Lots of riders, the best indoor place available and good vibes. It was just a beautiful event, which I’m really happy I participated at. Hopefully this trials jam becomes a tradition, it’s something myself and probably all other participants want to do again. Thanks to Ole and Trialaction for organizing such a … Read More

Right on time

Being a professional athlete, I focus a lot on the time. I have to make my own schedule every day, I log how many hours I practice, I do my intervals on time and so on. That’s why it’s great to work with Suunto, it makes it so much easier being right on time all the time. I’ve been working together … Read More

Snow is gone, trials is on

The 30 cm of snow we received last week forced us to skip some riding. Fortunately it disappeared in no time, and wer’re now back to trials mode again. The joy of outdoor riding is just increasing, I have never had more fun riding natural trials. Maybe because we have one of the best spots here in Oslo? Yesterday Mads Lexander … Read More